Dannie Festa

Dannie Festa founded her management company in 2001 on the foundation of commercially and critically significant entertainment experience. Her expertise was honed by years of working with top-flight producers and directors including Gil Netter (Life of Pi, Blindside), David Zucker (the Naked Gun series), Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls) and Michael London (Sideways). At World Builder Entertainment, Dannie is positioned to literally build worlds around her clients with media at its core.

Being a manager combines two things Dannie loves most about the entertainment industry: closely collaborating with writers and directors and producing projects that speak to her. Dannie’s eclectic background allows her to represent a wide variety of talent and deliver results.

In addition to representing creative talent, Dannie successfully manages iconic brands including Dam Things (creators of the Good Luck Troll Dolls) and King Kong Skull Island, the Joe DeVito/Merian C. Cooper King Kong property. She also represents publishers and book authors.

Dannie is currently an executive producer on the animated features Trolls and Trolls 2 with DreamWorks Animation, and the King Kong Skull Island television series with IM Global and Mar Vista Entertainment. She is also producing TITA with Storyscape Entertainment and FROG TREE with Alpha Animation.